Implementing Seo Strategies In 2016

When it started, implementing SEO for a successful business was all about content. Quality content. Of course, as you would expect, after the Good, comes the Bad and then the downright ugly. Soon, a slew of websites with owners who had learned how to game the system came up and the quality of content went down the drain. That got worse until search engine powerhouses like Google decided enough was enough.

They came up with the Penguin algorithms that ensured ethical SEO practices were mandatory if you wanted to get that high ranking. And just like that, Implementing SEO strategies successful for your business become a full time job.

SEO Implementation in 2016

In 2016, there is going to be more than just great content to think about. Google, other search engines and professional SEO companies are determined to bring the sexy back to webpages online. And with that, comes a few changes. For starters, mobile is now the way to go. If you don’t already have a responsive website then a web services company can ensure that you do. This is not something to take lightly. Statistics show that there are millions and millions of internet users who log in purely through their mobile phones.

Mobile is taking over

As things stand now, smartphones are literally taking over the world. Everyone is going mobile. With a million things to do in a day, millennials are choosing to do all their research and spending online using their mobile phones as the medium of choice. Statistics show that a majority of paid clicks and organic traffic now comes from tablets, smartphones and other form of handheld gadgets as opposed to the traditional desktop computer.

Social is key

If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media network, then you are missing out on millions of potential business returns. Social media is still key as these platform command millions of eyeballs every single day.

Voice search is on the rise

With the continued use of smartphones, voice searches are slowly but surely becoming something to think about. With programs such as Siri, Google or Cortana determining the direction of our interaction with the search engines. With traditional computers, you could simply type a given keyword and you will get the most relevant results. This phrase could be anything. But with voice searches, SEOs are going to have to rethink their keyword optimization strategy. This is mostly because these voice searches are often based upon, ‘what, who, where, why and how’.

As the SEO atmosphere changes, so do the implementation requirements. Content is still a very integral part of the whole process, it is just a matter of finding out which medium, keywords and platforms holds the most potential for your business.

SEO service providers are going to have to become more creative as things change. These firms only hire experts who specialize in web design and SEO related services. Firms like vancouver washington seo company can ensure that you are not left behind by this tide. Do not let your business miss out on the kind of potential that the online market offers just because you are not making proper use of SEO strategies in 2016.

Offline Marketing for Everyone

As much as digital marketing has taken over, it cannot be said that it can fill in all the blanks of marketing. At times you need to switch off your PC and do some good old offline marketing and there are plenty of ideas especially for a startup company.

1. Get creative with your business cards

Investing in well-made business cards is one of the most effective ways to get your business out there. Set your brand apart by choosing a unique design that reflects your brand values and creativity. Always ensure that everyone who is anyone in your company has their own to give away, because you never know when they’ll need to share your business details with a prospective client.

2. Make the most out of your printed marketing material

Another way to get your brand message out to your target market is to give away printed marketing material. Flyer printing may seem like an old tactic, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get results. Go the extra mile and innovate beyond the standard template. There are a lot of creative ways you can get your target market’s attention using flyers and pamphlets, so make sure yours are practical for reading, keeping, and saving.

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The way you dress is how you will be addressed and the same can be said about how you package your products or services. Before customers buy something or require a service, they must feel that the product or service is appealing and therefore what they see on the outside is what they immediately assume that they will get on the inside.

Packaging is a key part of the marketing plan for any business that makes or sells products. A product’s package can be the selling point for many consumers by delivering a sense of quality while also reflecting the product’s brand image. It is critical in retail sales, where the right packaging design can attract the consumer’s eye and make the product stand out next to a rack of the competitor’s product.

Consumer Behavior

Color and design in packaging can have a noticeable effect on shopping behaviors, writes Consumer Reports.org. Color is often used in packaging to attract attention, but colors also must be taken in the context of the product’s marketing goals. For example, children’s cereal packaging has many bright colors that attract their eyes; health-focused cereals will have more whites and pastels to project a softer, more adult image. Brands with strong color patterns should incorporate them into the packaging design.

Branded Packaging

Customers will associate a brand’s image with how its product is packaged. Technology products often come in sleek and unique packaging to reinforce the image of innovation that the company’s brand aims to project. Beverages may have unique bottle designs and the packaging for a food product could feature a design that makes it easier to eat. The brand image that the product’s packaging promotes should differentiate it from competitors, which can be difficult when the products are similar.

Sourced from: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/packaging-affect-consumers-70612.html

Another wonderful avenue of marketing your business is taking advantage of holidays and celebrating them together with your loyal customers. You can send them cards; have a holiday sale or even giveaways.

1. Start a gift card program

Many businesses can benefit from a gift card program during the holiday season and all year long. According to Giftcards.com, gift cards enable small businesses to compete with national chains, bring in new business and help small businesses form long-lasting relationships with customers. There are many types of gift card programs — using a gift card vendor, in-store only cards and prepaid cards — and all of them keep business coming through your doors long after the holidays are over.

2. Plan for seasonal giveaways

Consumers are bombarded with deals during the holiday season so it takes a very strategic effort to have your business rise to the top and get the attention it deserves. Consider giving away a big ticket item through a raffle or other randomized drawing. This serves two main purposes: You generate a buzz about your business and you can collect customer information via email opt-ins that bolster your future marketing activities.

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